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About Isle of Wight Photographer Ian Plested

Isle of Wight Photographer Ian Plested is an experienced professional commercial photographer, film maker and CAA approved drone operator, specialising in a speedy turnaround so you can have your images ready when you need them.

Hello, thanks for visiting! I have a life long love of photography and in 2005 I decided to be come self employed as a freelance photographer.

 Initially, I had a photo studio but after 3 years I became field based. Building up my extensive client list took many years. I have photographed everything from royalty, international companies, new born babies, 250 weddings, CEOs, pop bands, animals, air-air, schools, factories, store openings etc...

In such varied locations such as stadiums, top secure buildings, conference halls, from helicopters and even on stage in front of 50,000 people at a music festival, there is no place I haven't photographed.

My images have been seen world wide in print and web. So I am a multi-tasking photographer covering Isle of Wight Photography in PR, events, commercial, corporate, advertising etc...

For the interested, I have been using Canon equipment since I was 14 years old but I moved to a Sony mirrorless system due to technical and weight reasons!

I live in Freshwater, Isle of Wight with my wife and 2 children, I have lived & worked all over the UK. I can safely say the Island is the nicest place I have lived and I am proud to be bringing up my family here in this beautiful land.

I often travel for commissions to the mainland and with all the time involved, this leaves me with little time to capture the Island for myself but I am on a mission to correct this!


Thank you for visiting and please feel free to get in touch or follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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