A low cost video solution with a speedy turnaround.

My video service provides an ideal platform to provide content for business e.g social media promotion, exhibitions, demonstrations, explainer and instructional. 

A 'mini' advert at a fraction of the cost of the big boys but with the same quality and output.

At a time whereby film content is ever more important I will provide the solution to your requirements, putting you at ease with no fuss and minimal disruption.

Film Making
video camera conference

Shy of the camera? Don't worry.

I've been behind the lens for the past 16 years guiding thousands of people into position.

Lighting, microphones and even use of my qualified drone service will all enhance the final results if feasible.


Not sure how your will remember what to say to camera? I can provide an autocue just have your text typed out in advance and leave the rest to me.

Licensed soundtracks are included and you have the final say on the edit of course.

The results can be either uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube

also you can have the final edit file to use for your own media system.

All video can be shot in 4K.